Logo Design

Your company’s logo is the main visual component of your overall brand identity and could be called the face of your company. It appears on your stationery, website, business cards and advertising material. It is generally responsible for giving the first, initial impression of your company so it needs to be original and memorable for it to have the greatest impact. A logo design done poorly could give a potential client the impression your company is disorganized or poorly run. A logo design done well, however, will instil confidence that your business supplies quality services and/or products.

At first glance, a logo might seem like a simple thing. They’re small and often look simple and easy to create. Generally, though, they have been designed to look that way as a result of much thought, time and creativity being put into them.

Logo Design Process

At Technigraphics, we take logo design very seriously. Our process begins with asking as many questions as we can think of regarding your business goals, the image you are trying to create, your colour preferences, etc. We then use that information to craft initial logo designs for you to consider. You can then choose which design you like best and we’ll continue to tweak and change the logo at your request, until the design is exactly right for your business.

Once complete, the logo will then be yours to use for your business in whatever application necessary – everything from your website and business cards to vehicle graphics and signage. And, since the logo will be scalable, you’ll have a nice crisp image no matter what size you make it. Your logo will look great wether it is shrunk down to fit on a business card, or enlarged for a billboard.