Brand Identity

Very often, a logo gets confused with brand identity when, in fact, a logo is just one portion of your company’s brand identity. Once a logo has been designed it gets applied to many different applications; websites, business cards and brochures to name just a few. A brand identity is the larger, distinct visual look that is associated with a company and when a brand identity really works, you should be able to recognize the brand even if you don’t see the logo.

Consistent Brand Identity

Many people have heard about the importance of using their logo consistently, but there should also be a consistency to elements beyond your logo. No logo, even well designed, will look good when surrounded by contradictory graphical elements or inconsistent fonts. The elements that can be part of a full brand identity could be fonts, colors, imagery, and even the tone of writing. The challenge lies in keeping your brand identity consistent while, at the same time, allowing for flexibility so that it can be applied across various different mediums.

Let us work with you to develop a brand identity that suits your business, what it offers and what it stands for. The branding is often what gives a customer their first impression of your business so it’s important that you make that impression a meaningful and lasting one.

Whether you require a brand identity for a new business or you’re looking to revamp an existing one, we can provide a complete branding service across a full range of marketing materials.